Monday, June 29, 2009

What An Impact Has He Made!

As you may or may not knowwww..
Unfortunatelyy. Michael Jackson has passsed away.

I feeel that He has made such an impact on our livess..
I cannot believe that he has gone soo Fast.
At leacing us only at 50. I still can;t accept the factt. Wow.. Never realized I'd miss him this mucchh..
Words cant describe how muchh I miss himm. Just watching all of his videos on youtube makes me think about how his family much feeel
Not only have we lost a celebrity.. We have lost an icon and a legend nationwidee.

Michael Jackson made many of us believe in ourselves. He may Have been different but thats why we loved himm.

MJ had such polished dancestepss. That are now known worldwidee.. Like the moonwalk as we may know was reated by himm.. It is shown in the video 'Smooth Criminal'

I published this only to say that MJ has definitely made an impact om my lifee. And hope it did for you. take a minute to just think how life would have been without the one and only MJ.

"We will Miss You Michael Jacksoon. Deeepllyyy
We lovee youu"


Friday, June 26, 2009


Isntt shee adorablleee <3>
SHe givess Freee Hugsss. lolx

And anotheerr gorgeousss and astonishingg picturee
Soo Photogenicc. makes me jealouss.. =/
But thats why I love herr

Taken while she was alsoo making a videoo off her shuffling
For more info, check out her profilee in

And here we have Megan Fox's twinn sisterr.
Nooo.. Am joking
SHe is prettier than Megan FOxxx laaa..

The Firsstt One is Blurrr But aint the second one GORGEOUSS..

I told you I love her goofinesss..
If you don;t know why I am doing this. Its her birthdayy.
Read blog before thiss.. <3>

Happy Biirthdayy SHoutOut!

WHy DOnt You Take A BIg WiLd GueSs And SeE If YoU HAve ForGoTten AnyOne's BirthDaii..??

* You still thinking *

* Stilll thinking *

* Its goes on and on *

Well, if you're still thinking.. Your A big DUm DUM.

Its the one and onlyyy


Let's take a few minutess to just type a birthdaii song for herr.. :D

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To Marissaaa,

Happy Birthdayyyyy Toooo YOUUU!!

Let's continuee in her fave colourr yea, ORANGEE

And soo yeaa.. WHo would forget this amazing girl's birhdayy. If you did. You aint cool .. lolx

No seriousllyyy.

If this reminded youu. Go Ring Her.. NOWW !!

I wanted to take time out to just tell you all about Marissaa.

Mariissaa and I weren;t as close as we are until just a few months ago I bett. Now we practically tell everything to each otherr I guess.

I always go to advice from her noww. She always gives me the right onee.

ANd how surprisingly sad is it for me to say I wasnt there for her on her birthdayy. The 26th of July todayy. She said she missed me ^^ Weeee. Haha

ANyways, soo yeaa.

Marisssaaa Is one of the most awesomest girls I knowww. Not only is she soo fun to talkk with. The goofy part of her is my faveee. She cracks up jokess. And givess fun cute lil hugss.. Missed them todayy =(

And soo yesss. Marisssaa

I'd appreciate if you call her. Call me if you don't have her numberr.

lolxx ^^

And ~~ Anywaysss.

To MArissaa.

From Ashleyy..

" Marissa Hunn, If I wasnt there for you todayy. Im really sorry yea. I know you wanted me there. And I couldnt be there forr you.. Soo I just hopes this would cheer you upp. Lovesss shuu forever .. xxxxx "

And forr all you others out there..
Marisaaa pics will be posted in the next blogg
Until next timee

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cent, Six, Sept ,Huit

Cent, Six , Sept, Huitt.. Ouii ! 5, 6, 7 ,8
My randomness ^^

Well , Anyways
I bet your wondering how I am.. Rightt * winks *
Well yess, Lets just say life goes on. No matter how damn tiring it is. I'd say im in love with it.

Its been tiring catching up .. I mean, I felt like lost for a whilee I guess. But the advice I got Cheered me up I guess. I bet you dunno who you are but yeaa.
And Its beeen frustrating as well dearieee. I mean, studies are like headachyy. lolx

And Just A reminderr, Im still not over Sports Dayy. I mean. WTH
But yeaa. COngratzz Marigold and Shamroccckk..
But dun be soo ecstatic. We are gonna rock it next yearr.. I guesss

Daaaaa.. Dumm Deee DUmmmm DUmm
Im yourssss ... Weeee ^^ Lolx
Jason Mrazz <3>
SO yeaa.. You see how bored me amm.
Im sooo tired as well.

SO let me waste this few minutes of your life by making you read itt.. !!
Hahahaha. ( evilllyy ) O_o
SOo yeaaaa..

And did I mention how incredibly hot Nick Jonas is .. I mean come on. AND OMG
HAVE YU SEEEENN JACOB IN THE NEW MOON TRAILER. IF YU HAVENT.. GO DO IT NOW. Or your lifelesss.. No oofffence and guys dun be jealouss yeaaa.. ^^
Maybe in the next generarion

Welll.. Anyways
I dun see where this is going.
SO lemme write in small letttersss..lolx. Random

I can tell that this is random and wierd but this is what lifeless people doo and unfortunately i am one noww. !
But you seee, its not my fault because I havent blogged in agesss.. Seriousss..
And soo yeaaa. Just messing arounddd.. :P

Anywayss. SO yeaaa.
Ther ain;t anything new FYI.
ANd Hope That I will remember to blog soon. I doubt !! :P:


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Damn.. Its beeen Longggg. LIke I think I check this once a year =_=
ANyways. Finalss are coming up and damn they suck. It gets soo frustrating.
Studyinggg =/
Yummmm Yummmm .. Kesh temptedd mee. They are yummmieee.
Randomm ~~
But that's me ehh. WHat to do =P
So yeaa. ANywyas., where was I, Oh yeah. Finals. right.
Its beeen real mind - cracking. Though uts only yr 8. Its harrdd.. Especially MAths !! T_T

Well, since i didnt talk about sports day ages ago. I will Now =D
VIOLET became championnss <3 <3
But we lost cheerleading. We got bronze. Not goood enough. But at leats we beat tulip in cheerleading AND OVERALL. We made the sayfol untulipians proud because everyone wanted to beat them. And they got second . BUT WE GOT FIRST. First I tell you and that being after 13 yearss.. Haiiiizzz
But anyways. We did deserve it. we worked soo hard. It was soo tiring. But I still can;t believe that we lost cheerleadingg. After alll that. practicesss. and getting unwanted headachess. Sheeessssshhh.. Im so angryy.
But yeah. WHats done is done.

And. I better get back to studying.. =_=
Pffftt.. I hate itt.
Peaceee =D