Monday, December 1, 2008

Twilight... 4eva

twifreaks -the survey for die hard twilight fans!

--which is best--
twilight, new moon or eclipse?: twilight
jacob or edward?: edward
alice or rosalie?: alice
bella or alice?: bella
emmett or jasper?: emmett
jasper or edward?: edward
--what do you think--
what do you think of jacob kissing bella in eclipse?: ??giv me a break, i gvent read twilight
did you like when she punched him?: ?? when
should edward let her go to la push?: ??
what do you think would have happened if bella had not gone cliff-diving?: ??
should edward have left in new moon?: NOO
did jasper do anything wrong by attacking bella in new moon?: ?? not at that part yet
what should happen to lauren for her rudeness?: ??
is jessica too nosey?: sumtimes
does jacob try to hard?: sumtymes its reli obvious
is alice really too eager for sleepovers?: no... not reli
or is she just lonely?: no... mybe she just lykes company
what is your name?: Ashley
what did you think of my questions?: it was okay... not bad
if you are still here... do you wish it would end?: no... its fun

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