Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Biirthdayy SHoutOut!

WHy DOnt You Take A BIg WiLd GueSs And SeE If YoU HAve ForGoTten AnyOne's BirthDaii..??

* You still thinking *

* Stilll thinking *

* Its goes on and on *

Well, if you're still thinking.. Your A big DUm DUM.

Its the one and onlyyy


Let's take a few minutess to just type a birthdaii song for herr.. :D

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To Marissaaa,

Happy Birthdayyyyy Toooo YOUUU!!

Let's continuee in her fave colourr yea, ORANGEE

And soo yeaa.. WHo would forget this amazing girl's birhdayy. If you did. You aint cool .. lolx

No seriousllyyy.

If this reminded youu. Go Ring Her.. NOWW !!

I wanted to take time out to just tell you all about Marissaa.

Mariissaa and I weren;t as close as we are until just a few months ago I bett. Now we practically tell everything to each otherr I guess.

I always go to advice from her noww. She always gives me the right onee.

ANd how surprisingly sad is it for me to say I wasnt there for her on her birthdayy. The 26th of July todayy. She said she missed me ^^ Weeee. Haha

ANyways, soo yeaa.

Marisssaaa Is one of the most awesomest girls I knowww. Not only is she soo fun to talkk with. The goofy part of her is my faveee. She cracks up jokess. And givess fun cute lil hugss.. Missed them todayy =(

And soo yesss. Marisssaa

I'd appreciate if you call her. Call me if you don't have her numberr.

lolxx ^^

And ~~ Anywaysss.

To MArissaa.

From Ashleyy..

" Marissa Hunn, If I wasnt there for you todayy. Im really sorry yea. I know you wanted me there. And I couldnt be there forr you.. Soo I just hopes this would cheer you upp. Lovesss shuu forever .. xxxxx "

And forr all you others out there..
Marisaaa pics will be posted in the next blogg
Until next timee