Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cent, Six, Sept ,Huit

Cent, Six , Sept, Huitt.. Ouii ! 5, 6, 7 ,8
My randomness ^^

Well , Anyways
I bet your wondering how I am.. Rightt * winks *
Well yess, Lets just say life goes on. No matter how damn tiring it is. I'd say im in love with it.

Its been tiring catching up .. I mean, I felt like lost for a whilee I guess. But the advice I got Cheered me up I guess. I bet you dunno who you are but yeaa.
And Its beeen frustrating as well dearieee. I mean, studies are like headachyy. lolx

And Just A reminderr, Im still not over Sports Dayy. I mean. WTH
But yeaa. COngratzz Marigold and Shamroccckk..
But dun be soo ecstatic. We are gonna rock it next yearr.. I guesss

Daaaaa.. Dumm Deee DUmmmm DUmm
Im yourssss ... Weeee ^^ Lolx
Jason Mrazz <3>
SO yeaa.. You see how bored me amm.
Im sooo tired as well.

SO let me waste this few minutes of your life by making you read itt.. !!
Hahahaha. ( evilllyy ) O_o
SOo yeaaaa..

And did I mention how incredibly hot Nick Jonas is .. I mean come on. AND OMG
HAVE YU SEEEENN JACOB IN THE NEW MOON TRAILER. IF YU HAVENT.. GO DO IT NOW. Or your lifelesss.. No oofffence and guys dun be jealouss yeaaa.. ^^
Maybe in the next generarion

Welll.. Anyways
I dun see where this is going.
SO lemme write in small letttersss..lolx. Random

I can tell that this is random and wierd but this is what lifeless people doo and unfortunately i am one noww. !
But you seee, its not my fault because I havent blogged in agesss.. Seriousss..
And soo yeaaa. Just messing arounddd.. :P

Anywayss. SO yeaaa.
Ther ain;t anything new FYI.
ANd Hope That I will remember to blog soon. I doubt !! :P: